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Honoring Katherine Barnett LakselagetDC's Founder and Past President  During its October meeting, LakselagetDC thanked and honored its Founder and immediate past President, Katherine Barnett of Maryland. Katherine founded LakselagetDC in 2014 and served as its President for three years. Founding a non-profit is no easy task for anyone, but launching a group of very busy Norwegian and Norwegian-American professional women in Washington DC, while simultaneously maintaining a financial services career as Senior Vice President of Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch is particularly demanding. More information here  LakselagetDC is the first regional chapter of LakselagetDC's mother organization, Lakselaget founded in Minnesota. Katherine worked very hard with Lakselaget in Minnesota, investing much energy and many resources to establish LakselagetDC and has ensured LakselagetDC will have a bright future. She is succeeded by Linda V. Priebe, Attorney with Culhane Meadows PLLC in Washington, DC and Vice President of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce Mid-Atlantic Region.   To show its appreciation, LakselagetDC presented Katherine with a beautiful art print of a koi, as a reminder of LakselagetDC's "salmon" roots. The print is created by artist Liliane Bloom, a native Norwegian living in the US. You can see the print at the artist’s website here  She also received beloved Norwegian chocolate. Ms. Barnett expressed thanks for the recognition and the art piece saying she has enjoyed getting to know each and every member of LakselagetDC and learning about their connections to Norway. She considers LakselagetDC a very special group of women. She will continue to serve as an advisor on LakselagetDC's Board. ”

— Christine Meloni, Board Secretary LakselagetDC

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"Invandrene: Refugees and Immigration in Norway

Zoom (Email Lakselaget.dc@gmail.com to Register)

“Invandrene: Refugees and Immigration in Norway” is our topic for our March meeting. Our distinguished speakers are Knut Vollebaek, former Ambassador of Norway to the United States (2001-2007) and his wife Ellen Vollebaek. They will share with us their perspective on how Norway has handled an influx of refugees into Norway.

Ambassador Vollebaek has also served on the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, and is currently serving on the Board of Commissioners on Missing Persons. He has considerable experience observing how other countries handle refugees, as conduits and as final destinations.

Ellen Vollebaek has been a Senior Advisor to the Research Council of Norway, a government funded national strategic and funding agency for research activities, and a chief source of advice and input into research policy for the Norwegian Government.

Both Vollebaeks are actively involved through their church community to provide services and experience to refugees seeking to immigrate into Norway. This will be a fascinating inside view from diplomats who have influenced public policy, and actually worked with refugees.

We will 30 minutes of their time, followed by questions/answers from the audience for another 10-15 minutes.